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Demo #2:

This is demonstration #2  in a series of three demonstrations illustrating how easily education can be delivered, charted and analyzed in a healthcare environment. Recall that Demonstration #1 consisted of a very brief cat video with embedded pre and post questions and was located at https://testepic.herokuapp.com/  for content and https://testepic.herokuapp.com/results for a record of the learning interaction (If you revisit the Demo #1 site, remember there is a 2 minute delay to initialize this free server, and then server will stay on for one hour before it goes back to sleep).This website is Demonstration #2, and consists of  a learning management system that can house courses and save records of participating students. Demonstration #2 offers a very complex course for nurses, a simple course for administrators, and a moderately simple course for patients.   The same format is used no matter what kind of audience is targeted.

NursingEdge utilizes the Tin Can API. What is Tin Can? According the official Tin Can website, “The Tin Can API (sometimes known as the Experience API or xAPI) is a brand new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). This API captures data in a consistent format about a person or group’s activities from many technologies. Very different systems are able to securely communicate by capturing and sharing this stream of activities using Tin Can’s simple vocabulary.” Tin Can learning interactions from Captivate 8.0 output on this site are stored on SaltBox’s Wax LRS. Log in credentials will made available upon request. Other interactions are stored on the site itself. In demonstration #3, all interactions will be stored on Grass Blade LRS.

What is NursingEdge?:

NursingEdge is a healthcare education website that is different than anything you have ever experienced before!  For nurses, It features streaming videos with very high production values which clinicians can watch to earn CEU’s or CE’s.  For patients, there are quizzes to verify comprehension and a permanent record of what was learned. The videos themselves are fun and interesting, yet packed with information with great relevance to your practice/diagnosis.  There are 2 & 3D animations, dramatic bedside simulations, research reviews, patient interviews, nurse interviews, physician interviews, surgical videos, downloadable patient education handouts, downloadable patient education videos, nurse/patient relationship analyses, lesson and course quizzes, and even music videos! You can pause the course at any time and take a bathroom break! You can log out, shut down  your computer, and come back the next day or week and pick up where you left off.  You don’t have to sit for hours like you do at an all day conference, even though our courses may be just as long.

What NursingEdge is not:

What you won’t see on NursingEdge is a low res poorly lit video of a boring speaker delivering a PowerPoint lecture with a single cheap stationery video camera pointed at the speaker and the screen, with poor quality audio that sounds like it was recorded  from the built in on-camera mic.    You deserve better than that!

How do the courses work?

Go to the NursingEdge home page (this page) to check out our courses trailers.  From there you can link to registration, login, course descriptions, objectives, and see the lessons in each course,

As you work your way through the courses, you will find that you have to take the lessons in order.  You can’t jump ahead  without finishing the lesson you are on and marking it as complete.  For many of the lessons, you have to pass a very short quiz at the end of the lesson.  This will help you to note important concepts that might show up on the final exam.  Upon passing the final exam, you can download and/or print a PDF Certificate conferring your CE’s or CEU’s that you have earned by taking and passing the course. Most courses have a Pretest, a 1 or 2 question quiz for each lesson, and a Post Test or Final Exam with 5 to 10  multiple choice or True/False questions.

Have you ever gone to a conference, and wished you could review a certain part of it 2 or 3 months later?  You can with NursingEdge.  You can access your course for up to 36 months after you see it!

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